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Scalzi : What Makes a Writer

Over on Whatever, John Scalzi discusses when you may call yourself a writer – and answers three questions…

  1. When may you call yourself a writer?
  2. When may you call yourself a professional writer?
  3. When may you call yourself a good writer?

It’s a good piece, and well worth the read.

So… Why Fat Al?

It’s a pretty normal question, I suppose – why call this site Fat Al ? And honestly, there’s a couple of reasons.

First, well, my name gets shortened to Al, and I’m not exactly slim. So – Fat Al.

Second, I love word-games, and it amused me that Fat Al can also be Fatal – particularly when most of my writing ideas are around crime, mystery and a body-count.

Third? It was available, when I looked.

And who needs any more reasons than that, really?


Welcome to Fat Al Dot Com, the site that’s going to become the home of my writing projects.

One of the main bits of wisdom about writing is that you can’t properly call yourself a writer until you’ve actually completed something. In that context, it depends on what phase of life I’m looking at.

Many years ago, I completed two novel-length books, and a whole bundle of short stories.

But in this phase of life, I’m starting out from scratch. I’ve got ideas, but I’ve got nothing completed.

So – if I’m not a writer, I’m at least an aspiring writer.

Some of the thoughts and ideas I have will get written – or at least talked about – here. Some will get put straight into the writing I plan to do.

In short, all this is a work in progress. And Fat Al is the home of that work.