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Size Perceptions

Of late, I’ve been watching a number of things around weight on TV, in particular “Supersize vs Superskinny” on Channel 4.

Intellectually, I know I’m overweight, and need to lose the weight – and I do intend to do so. But my mind and emotions don’t show me I’m fat. I don’t really see myself as fat – despite the name of the site – or at least not necessarily in the way that sees myself as really fat. I’m a big guy anyway – I weigh 24 stone (152Kg, 340 lbs), and 6’4″ (193 cm) tall, with a 50″ chest. That’s chest, not stomach – and my shoulders are wide too. So even when I’ve lost weight, I’m still not going to be in (probably) even a “Large” size, because of the structure of my skeleton.

It’s hard to explain how I feel about my body, or what I see, but I’ll have a go.

On the TV programmes, I’ll see someone who is heavier than me, but they’re visibly far fatter than I am. And I mean *massively* so – these people, some of whom are of a related weight, but they’re covered in fat and ripples, have problems walking, that kind of thing. And I just can’t relate to them at all, I can’t compare their lives and bodies to my own.

As I said, I know intellectually that I need to lose weight – I’m under no illusions about that. I’m not fit, and I want to lose some weight and improve my fitness. But in some way I still don’t see the urgency.

What annoys me more is that I also can’t really compare what I eat with what the people on the TV programmes eat. I’m not perfect, not by any estimation. But I don’t eat a load of the crap that the TV people eat – I’m not stuffing myself all day with chocolate, doughnuts, cakes and the like, nor am I eating 5 meals a day, living on take-aways and convenience food, snacking all day, or any of the other sins I’ve seen.

As it is, my normal daily intake is something like :

  • Breakfast
    • 2 slices of wholemeal toast with butter and jam
    • large glass orange juice (currently OJ and Lime from Tropicana)
  • Lunch
    • Two wholemeal rolls, usually with ham and Branston pickle®™
  • Evening Meal – Largest meal, something like
    • a pasta bolognese
    • sausages and mash
    • jacket potato
    • and other similar meals

And that’s it. I only really drink Diet Coke – and I know I drink too much of that, but it’s the only thing I enjoy drinking.

So I don’t really know what I can change or cut down. I need to improve my exercise levels, that’s the main thing. But food-wise? There’s not a lot to cut out, so far as I can tell.

All told, it’s a bit frustrating. I know I need to do something, but I don’t quite know what I can do – and all the normal suggestions and quick-fixes or easy solutions don’t apply in the first place.

I’ll figure it out – I always do – but in the meantime, I’ll just keep on trying things as I go along.

We’ll see.