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Migrating Kit Midst

One of my writing ideas was a site called Killer in the Midst, which has now been set to re-direct back here.

The original idea was to have the site as a diary of the main protagonist, Kit Midst, and to form a whole story out of the posts.

It was a nice idea, one I really liked when I first had it, but it never really sparked as a blog / diary idea. I really liked the ideas that were in a couple of the posts ‘by Kit’, but it didn’t gel as a whole.

Kit Midst is a character I still want to use, and intend to. But it’s not going to be on that blog, nor is the next idea going to be any form of journal.

I’ll write more here about it as I go on, but for now, well, Kit Midst is still a plan, but the blog site isn’t.