Fat Al is a new writing identity / project name for me.

Back in the 90s I wrote two book-length pieces, The Edge and Expectancy Zero, as well as a whole bundle of short stories and ideas.  I’ve still got copies somewhere at home, although I haven’t really gone through them since. They were more about catharsis and dealing with some of my own issues, but they got completed and in that context I’m still proud of the entire body of work.

I didn’t get either book published or anything – although not for want of trying – and things kind of faded out for a while after that.

In August 2002 I started writing a personal site, D4D (Dummies for Destruction –  originally it was called Destruction for Dummies, but that attracted the litigious attention of the publishers of the ‘… for Dummies’ range, and had to get renamed) which has been maintained up to the present day, although my writing there dropped off significantly in 2010.

D4D was about trying to get myself into a regular writing habit, and since the dropoff, I’ve been missing writing. I want to at least try for being a writer, and that’s where Fat Al comes in.

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