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Preserving Writing

Over the Christmas Break on Twitter, a couple of the people I follow had their computers crash, with the associated worries about loss of data and – more importantly – their writing.

Of course, we all know the reasons to back stuff up, but most of the time we don’t bother – we forget, or it’s just a pain to do.

So, in the spirit of security, and hoping it helps someone not lose their data, here’s what I do…

Use Dropbox. (Or Google Drive, or any other cloud-based file server – so long as it gives you a folder on your machine to sync with)

All my writing sits inside my Dropbox folder, always.  You can save it with a password if you’re feeling really paranoid (assuming your writing software allows you to do so) but regardless, it means that every time you save your document, it’s automatically backed up to Dropbox. (or your provider of similar services) Every. Time.

That’s the secret, really. Make the backups easy, unintrusive, invisible, and part of your normal save routine.

If you use Dropbox or it’s relations, you can’t forget to backup – it’s done by the simple act of having all your writing in that sync-ing folder, and just remembering to save it every so often.

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